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Standard Pack for Companies that are looking for your identity. Analyze and improve your business impact on social networks to capture the attention of potential customers and convert them to your actual clients.


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Social Media is the new age tool for marketing. Helping in significant business growth and being present in social networks is crucial. Hire the PREMIUM Package and count on professionals who have a deep knowledge that creates significant effects on your online presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Making your business even easier

Social media is quickly becoming the most common way for current and potential customers to interact with businesses. Social media is changing at all times and therefore you need to be ready to change and adapt as well. Impulse Core helps you constantly evaluate and refine your social strategy.

Yes, it is extra important. And make no mistake, thinking that the marketing plan is just advertising and it's over. Work should begin along with product development, there in the market survey. And keep walking by your side until the after-sale. Marketing is positioning your product on the market and Impulse Core can help you 100%.

Aligning marketing with sales can seem like a big challenge for entrepreneurs — even small businesses and smaller teams — but the fact is that the more these areas work together, the better the results. While the former is responsible for collecting information, analyzing it and outlining the best strategies, the latter goes into the field to execute them and bring a return on how your customer perceives your brand in the marketplace.

It may seem like a long and arduous process, which will require a lot of time and money, so it is only suitable for large companies. The deceit of those who think so. Making a marketing plan is entirely possible for micro and small businesses. In fact, it is a recommended process, because, with good planning, companies of this size can enter and establish themselves in the market with more authority.