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$ 49



Standard Pack for Companies that are looking for your identity. More credibility and confidence with a professional logo. In just a few steps your logo will be developed. Your Name, Your brand, Your company with the best Logo.


$ 199



The premium packmade for the entrepreneur who does not like to risk! If your focus is to have a visual identity that conveys credibility and trust, it is imperative that you faithfully represent your values and business proposition.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The logo is a set consisting of letters and images that identify and symbolize your company, product, service or people. Your logo needs to make a good impression on your audience, so do not risk having a brand that does not have that power. If your focus is to have a visual identity that conveys credibility and trust, you've come to the right place.

It all starts by sending the information necessary to create the brand through the briefing. From the submission of the briefing, our team will strive to create excellent options for your logo for your appreciation. After this, our designers will send samples of your logo for your evaluation and choice.

In case the logo option doesn’t suit you, we will take your feedback on the logo shared and will create new option to match your expectations. We provide upto 2 iterations for the new design creation and review.

The client holds the copyright of the approved logo designed by Impulse Core.

Once the logo Design is approved, we share the open-file for JPEG /PNG as adesign option.

For those Logos that need to be created using images, we provide High-resolution logo images, and all the Logos are being created using vector elements and fonts can be scaled to any size.

It is imperative that you feel confident in hiring an agency to create your logo, so we care to show the quality of our work, so you can evaluate and judge if our team is really capable of serving your business.

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