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Frequently Asked Questions

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WordPress is currently the most widely used platform for website development. The reasons that take more than 30% of the websites developed through a CMS being WordPress include practicality and flexibility.

Impulse Core team provides you a complete training so that you can manage website content. In case still face any issue, you can contact us to help you.

We develop websites which are highly optimized for the search engines. Our design work is mobile-friendly and adapts to the mobile device screen size.

In case the given option doesn’t suit you, we will take your feedback on the design shared and will create new option to match your expectations. We provide up to 2 iterations for the new design creation and review.

At the moment your website is complete, Impulse Core will provide you the proper training to manage the website. If required, we also provide the video tutorial for you to download and keep safe for future reference.

Features of Wordpress Website Development

  • Time is money, save it

    The cost of a web project is directly linked to its development time. As the time spent on creating WordPress sites is relatively lower, its price is also often reduced. Being a CMS, WP allows the developer to focus on the front end, working all aspects to perfection, while using the native administration panel.

  • Device Compatibility

    With WordPress you can make changes to your website, through any device connected to the internet; Add and change content easily, whether via computer, tablet or Smartphone. Through its password-protected, responsive control panel, you have access to all the administrative functions of the site.

  • Easy to Manage

    WordPress was designed to be easy to use, and this is one of its key highlights compared to other CMS systems such as Joomla or Drupal. Its control panel is very user-friendly, learning how to publish or edit content is extremely simple for lay users. Learning to use most of its functions does not take more than a few hours. This is even easier with the training that Triscele provides to its customers when it delivers a new product.

  • More Features At a Click

    In addition to the platform's standard features, there are others that can be added using available plug-ins. Conventionally all the functions of a site need to be coded and implemented from scratch in each project. In WordPress, there is no need to create code to develop common features such as advanced pagination or slideshow, just use one of the thousands of existing plug-ins.

  • Universal Platform

    Web developers are afraid to take over the work of another, this is because the code structure may be very different. On the other hand, a professional, having knowledge of PHP and MYSQL, can make changes to a WordPress site without fear of making mistakes that could damage the project.

  • Trust in information

    One of the features of a WordPress site allows you to view your post before it becomes available to the public. This helps you to correct possible errors before the publication of the article. In addition, the system automatically saves your post while you write, that is, if you make a mistake, just restore a previous version.

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