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In case your strategy needs a quick payback it is better to choose the Pay Per Click — Sponsored Link.

PPC can help support your entire campaign by making it easier to reach your audience and achieve your goals more economically. If you're up to do a search, take advantage of particular news or if you just want to target more relevant users for your website be aware that PPC can help your business achieve all of these goals.

Widely used by ad platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook and affiliate networks, for example, the cost paid for the click on a sponsored link is set by an auction in the interest of 3 groups: the system in question (AdWords and Facebook, per example), the customer looking for your product and the advertiser.

Well, considering the fact that you only pay for the ads that generated some kind of conversion (in this case the click), the PPC is already worth it!
Compare with any other marketing actions you carry out, which one brings this convenience, certainty of return on investment, and the best, with the segmentation level that meets your expectations? Yes, the answer is no other.