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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our procedure consists of some stages of evaluation:
1.    We study the info you have sent us.
2.    Elucidate all the doubts we have and ask for any missing information.
3.    Organize a technical and commercial document for you to evaluate.
4.    Once accepted and we get go-ahead to continue with development so that we send you to invoice to process initial payments.
5.    We consign a project manager who will be in continuous touch with you through phone, email or Skype.
6.    We will provide you regular updates on the progress as per the agreed project plan.
7.    We will provide build developed at regular interval and you can reply us with your feedback concerning the project.
8.    QA is part of the project plan so that we can ensure that any issues or fixes reported internally or by you will be dealt with at no extra cost.
9.    Any changes outside scope are charged extra on an actual time basis.
10.    All the Development is done on our local server preferably.
11.    Once you are satisfied with everything as per agreed scope, we bow to final delivery and get final invoice settled.

Change Requests are habitually clear as those tasks which were not settled in the original scope of work. We lay out a comprehensive and detailed accepting of our scope and anything which is not comprised of the original understanding document will fall under the change request category. At the moment we have clear change request scope, we would let our clients know cost upfront and would require advance payments to execute the change. ? In case the task requires additional research and exploration in such cases we would not be able to pledge to a fixed time for a result and such alterations will be charged on the real-time taken basis.

Yes, we agree on sign NDA. We don’t expose any information about your company and project or even display our client project on our website. In case it is mandatory for you to have your NDA letter signed, feel free to send us. We will evaluate the NDA documents and let you know whether we agree to sign it and proceed. ?if in case you don’t have one, we also have our own version of a confidentiality agreement.

Impulse Core Certified Magento Developers in our teamwork which assures our clients that the coding pattern done by our team follows best Magento development performs. We program regular training assemblies for both front-end developers and PHP programmers to inspire and get them ready for attaining certification. Impulse Core promotes fees to our staff for effectively achieving Magento developer certification.

Features of Magento Development Agency

  • Multiple stores, one administration panel

    By installing only one Magento it is possible to manage multiple fronts of online stores using only one administration panel. With this, you can manage a large amount of e-commerce, different areas of activity, different languages, different domains and even different levels of security.

  • Customization in maximum degree

    One of the great advantages to opting for the Magento platform for your e-commerce is the possibility of personalizing the themes used in the online store. Customization is one of the great features of the platform. With the wide range of themes available for the platform, you still have the possibility to choose one that perfectly suits your business area, and customize it with the help of a professional web design.

  • Integrated SEO

    By opting for the Magento platform for your e-commerce you still have included the features of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that, if used correctly, position your website prominently on the web search pages. The platform also counts as an advantage the possibility of integration with Google Analytics, Google Sitemaps, and other Google tools for optimization of results.

  • Optimizing navigation options

    Navigation options are optimized on the Magento platform. There is the possibility of using a set of images per product, video in the description, availability of files for download in pdf, a user manual, for example, besides the functionality of comments and classification of products.

  • Unlimited number of products

    The Magento platform makes it possible to offer an unlimited number of products, which is a great advantage for companies that have an extensive merchandise grade. By using the platform for your online store, you can increase your mix of web offerings at no additional cost. Just go adding new products to your e-commerce.

  • Exporting data

    Another great advantage of the Magento platform is the ease of importing and exporting data in CSV format, which is a spreadsheet file that contains data on each line separated by a character.

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