27 Jan 2018

Video Marketing Guide for Brands to Survive on Social Media in 2018

Impulse Core Marketing and Development Blog

Impulse Core Marketing and Development Blog

86% of online users consume videos online, generating many opportunities for engagement and conversion. Additionally, it has been proven that visitors spend 2 minutes more on sites that have videos, lowering the bounce rate.

The concept of video marketing is relatively simple: using videos to promote and streamline your brand, your product or service, especially in digital media. Currently, being realistic, a company that wants to have a strong marketing strategy will most likely need videos in their mix.

Video content can serve as a support for a product, through a video presentation; show your business to potential buyers or investors, through an explanatory video, you can use periodic video content to attract traffic and many other possibilities.

In the context of video marketing, it is also important to remember how people's buying behavior has changed over the years. Impulse purchases, the result of intrusive advertising, are currently far from the trend. The public wants more and more relevant information and content, through which it will decide whether to buy something or not. Think of all the times you've done a web search about the product or service you were interested in before you make a purchase, whether in your personal life or in your company. This is the new reality of the market: smarter consumers. That is why the production of content and marketing techniques, whether through video or text, has supplanted the classic advertising of the twentieth century.

Video marketing must then be seen as a differential of 21st-century marketing trends, this is something else that will allow you to stay ahead of the competition. Broadly speaking, there are two practical and effective ways of thinking about the situation: "marketing using videos" and "marketing is video". Keep in mind that concepts are not hard and there are intelligent ways of interacting with them!

How to approach this market and adapt its strategy according to the trends of 2018? Let's talk about the main points of attention:

Videos and the sales funnel

Videos can help with the 3 steps of the sales, attraction, conversion,and sales funnel. What can we do to attract and convert more leads in 2018?


  • Mini-courses on video

Generating a lot of value for the user, this format came to replace the e-books, which have flooded the market in recent times. To create your course think of an ebook, blog post, content that you have already created and that has worked very well for your business and convert it into a mini-course.

  • Insta-stories

Instagram has become a very powerful tool, allowing to grow organically, which is very important since nowadays it is extremely difficult to achieve organic reach on Facebook. Insta stories have become a powerful marketing tool, allowing you to call the attention of the user and through the link inserted in the story to direct the user to where it is most interesting for the campaign. The sponsored videos through insta stories are also a great way to attract users.

  • YouTube

Nowadays YouTube has become the second largest search engine in the world and it offers exceptional opportunities to generate traffic to the environment of your company. The important thing here is to not forget to work SEO. The good news is that it's much easier to rank on YouTube than on Google


  • Videos Thank-you Page

These videos allow you to generate a new conversion through the thank you page. Usually after converting the user is redirected to a thank you page that can contain a text, an ebook link, etc. To take advantage of this user-friendly communication space you can make an offer by inviting the user to better know your product or service or ask for a quote. The video serves to accelerate the nutrition of the lead, which may not be fully ready to move to the next stage of the funnel. Video lets you show product benefits by helping you convert even more).

  • Lead Collector

Nowadays there are collectors that can be used within the videos, for example, for videos made available within blog posts)

  • Custom videos

Following the trend of chat-bots, which blend customization and automation, custom videos bring amazing user experience, increasing the conversion rate by up to 2x Sale

  • Webinars

There are 3 main types of webinars:

  • Live webinars,
  • recorded webinars,
  • perpetual webinars.

Perpetual webinar happens automated at time intervals determined by the content producer (daily, weekly, etc.). There are tools that allow you to create perpetual webinars by scheduling, for example, daily webinars, collecting leads during the day, and delivering content at night.

These webinars have exceptional power to generate conversions and lead to sales, especially when they were structured according to the following model:

  1. Opening
  2. Call to focus on content
  3. Start presentation
  4. Reinforcement of authority
  5. Presentation of the problem
  6. Content on the subject
  7. Solutions
  8. Offer
  9. Doubts

The pillars of success in selling video content

What Makes Video Business Succeed? There are 3 main pillars that help you reach your goal:

  • Content
  • Distribution
  • Technology


Content has always been considered king. Those who have good content are able to engage users and convert.

To be king the content needs to be:

  • Rare,
  • Relevant,
  • Of Quality.


To make people have access to your content, it's important to work on a few things:

  • Video management and distribution
  • Payment management
  • User Experience
  • Safety


If the content is king, the distribution is the queen. In the world of over-information, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find useful and relevant content.

So it is important to explore all relevant channels to bring your content to the user. You can work with:

  • Social networks
  • Media
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Launch
  • Affiliates