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impulse core 1 review in pune

Great communication. Get the job done ASAP any time of day! Always able to talk about possible strategies and suggestions re. marketing and online solutions.

D.P. Panda, Mumbai - IN

impulse core 2 review in pune

Since starting with Impulse Core, we have had amazing turnaround within a few short months, website traffic grew exponentially, in turn, increasing our revenue projections. Our online presence coupled with social media marketing has ensured high exposure to the right customers.

Yugant Kumbhalkar, Mumbai - IN

impulse core 3 review in pune

The team at Impulse Core is very detail oriented and produced great results for Racknet. I wish IC all the very best in the future and keep up the good work.

Rupesh Singh, Pune - IN

impulse core 4 review in pune

I am very impressed with the website, technical support and most importantly the online marketing services which has significantly improved our business.

R.K. Patil, Pune - IN

impulse core review

We have been working with Impulse Core since the beginning of our activities, and we always believe in them and trust them. We have made several changes to our website, and we have always been well served. Partnership for many years!

Alexandre Kanai, Winter Park-US

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